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Digital Video Production is an introduction to the world of non-fiction video production. This course is aimed toward beginning video users without prior formal training in video production from the corporate, NGO and government sectors.

Students will be introduced to a basic understanding of cinematic principles in order to shoot and edit effective videos that avoid the earmarks of “home”¯ movies -- shaky camera, indecisive camera moves, improper composition, under- or over-exposed images, a lack of continuity and poor sound or color. This course will equip the student with a sufficient amount of knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of the inexperienced videomaker, and to actually produce work which will meet the expectations of corporate management. Beyond this, the student will be exposed to equipment necessary to realize higher production quality without spending a fortune. Hands-on experience will be the central feature of this 2-day workshop, thus enabling the student to gain  confidence through a trial-and-error process under the supervision of the instructor.

Digital Video Fundamentals
is principally a theory or background course about video, both its analogue and digital characteristics. This course prepares the student understand the various standards that used throughout the world insofar as television is concerned. Crucial to understanding digital video is the compression of the video data stream that enables a personal computer user to capture, edit and playback full-frame, 30 frames per second video suitable for output to videotape, QuickTime, MPEG-1,-2 or -4 and and DVD-Video.

Finally, this course demystifies the mumbo-jumbo of video and equipment specifications that will enable the student make informed decisions about the digital video formats, performance characteristics of equipment and software.

iMovie & iDVD 5 is fundamentally about learning to make effective home movies and industrial videos. Students learn to perform edits, manipulate audio tracks, transitions, add narrations, special effects and captioning of their footage. Upon completing their editing, they learn how to transfer their movies into iDVD for burning a DVD-Video disc that is playable on any computer with a DVD videoplayer found in the home.

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